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 About QHHT®


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® is a unique method of hypnosis that emphasizes healing

and is grounded in the understanding that all healing originates from within. Using a very natural approach to quiet the conscious mind,  the practitioner guides you into a deeply relaxed state of awareness. You are always in control and your session is audio recorded for you. This expanded awareness allows the opportunity for a direct connection to the expansive part of you which has all the answers to questions you have, clarity about circumstances in your life and the boundless ability to renew and heal. 


This remarkable method was pioneered by Dolores Cannon in over 45 years of providing hypnosis

sessions on thousands of clients all over the world. As an author and an educator, she has seventeen published books and has taught many practitioners how to  achieve the same miracles time and time again. I am fully committed to practicing in accordance with the principles of QHHT®. 


Immense power and limitless love is experienced when in contact with one’s higher self. Essentially, in a healing hypnosis session, we are partnering together to awaken and strengthen your ability to do this on your own in a customized way. 


 ABOUT a session

When QHHT® sessions are given,  they are meant to be a one time experience that is held privately and is always conducted in person.

QHHT® practitioners conduct one session per day. Your audio recording will be given to you that day in your preferred format. 


Sessions are scheduled by appointment in the early day and last 4 to 6 hours.

This ensures an unrushed day to fulfill your objectives and have a great session. The day is all yours.  

The cost for a session is $325.00. If you are interested in scheduling a session - contact me and I will be happy to send you a note with details about what to expect.  

The clean & comfortable studio is located on the ground level of our farmhouse which is in the early stage of renovations.

Consider giving yourself a moment in time to fully connect with your true self on a deep and expansive level. 



A native to the Capital District, it is my privilege to 

provide this remarkable service to our area. 


In the search for answers and solutions to my own health challenges, I discovered the profound and transformative results from the QHHT® session I received. 

As the healing was fully underway, the decision to become a practitioner unfolded while reading Julia Cannon’s book, Soul Speak, The Language of the Body.  


Serving as an RN in emergency nursing for the past 15 years, combined with community volunteerism, owning a small dog grooming business, being a mom to three and a wife of 35 years has offered me many valuable gifts and lessons to contribute to this remarkable healing modality.


Just as in my Nursing practice, I am committed to serving with respect to confidentiality and consider that a sacred trust. You are invited to partner with me to unfold a deeper insight

to your life. 

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