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QUANTUM HEALIng hypnosis technique

“there is no such thing as coincidence.
everything happens for a reason.”   
Dolores Cannon  


What is quantum healing hypnosis technique?


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a unique method of hypnosis, developed by author, educator & master hypnotist, Dolores Cannon, who understood that we are very capable of healing ourselves and are able to access the infinite wisdom that lies beyond the five senses.  


During a QHHT session, you are guided to a familiar state of relaxation, the theta brain wave state, that you naturally transition through when falling asleep and waking. 


Essentially, in a QHHT session, we are partnering together to awaken and strengthen your ability to do this in your own unique way.


We hold an infinite reservoir of information within our physical bodies and the spiritual aspect of our being and communing with this part of you is not only easy and natural - it is your divine inheritance.  

 you are your greatest teacher  

Details of a session

QHHT sessions are designed as a one time, in person experience.

There is so much value in allowing yourself to disconnect from the busy pressures of life so you can hear your own true voice. 


Sessions are audio recorded as a lasting therapeutic tool. 


Time is used as an advantage for an un-rushed and fulfilling experience. Typically, sessions are 5-6 hours but it’s recommended that you free yourself for the entire day. 


The cost for a session is $325. I accept all forms of payment. bookings are offered Tuesday - Friday.  


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, just as no one can ‘put’ you to sleep. 

Hypnosis is a partnership and does not override your free will. 


Preparations for your session day: 

   -A list of up to 20 questions that you would like to explore. Typical catagories are: 

  *  Health & body  *  Relationships  *  career  *

      *  Sprituality  *  Metaphysics *  life purpose *  


The neat and comfortable studio is located on the ground level of our farmhouse which is in the renovation process.  

You can always expect a clean, smoke-free environment.


schedule a session


email me at to book your session and to receive further details  


dolores cannon's biography @

Location: Schodack, NY 12033 

Schodack is within a one hour drive of: 

Saratoga, NY

Columbia County NY

The Berkshires & western Mass  


Responding to a strong desire to be part of a healing field, I became an RN, working primarily in the emergency department.  Through compassion and respect, I found that I could connect with patients in a deeply intuitive way. I was compelled to understand more about how the body heals and why it sometimes doesn’t.  


Prompted by my own health issues, I discovered Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.  The tremendous healing that transpired lead me to study Dolores Cannon’s work and    eventually become certified as a Level two practitioner of this remarkable healing modality.   


Just as in my nursing practice, I am committed to serving with respect to confidentiality and consider that a sacred trust.  


 “I am passionate about giving people the trusted space to discover their infinite capacity to heal. remember that your guidance system already exists within you - my job is to help you recognize it in a way that is clear for you."  

- Elizabeth 



“My QHHT session with Elizabeth was amazing beyond words. Elizabeth, herself, is such a beautiful, gentle and kind soul. I had no trouble relaxing deeply in her lovely, healing space. I went into the session with no expectations and was incredibly moved by all of the cathartic information that came through the session.” 

“If I had to summarize my experience I would say that my QHHT session put me in touch with my authentic and best self, allowing me to build a healthy, loving relationship with myself, in turn improving my relationships with others, both personally and professionally.”

"I arrived for my appointment and felt at home. Elizabeth and i talked for a bit before the session began and she let me know what she would be doing. She settled me in to the comfortable chaise lounge and we began. She recorded our session so I would have a copy for future listening. So thankful."

 While I remembered most of my experience both before and under hypnosis, having the recording to listen to again was invaluable. My results were almost instant in some ways, bringing clarity and shining light in areas of my life that I have either ignored or just didn't make sense to me before my session.

“Even now, months later, I still carry that feeling of deep peace and I am moving forward in my life in a way I've never felt able to in the past. I am so grateful for this profoundly healing work! I thank you Elizabeth!”

"Elizabeth's practice is out of her lovely home that is right off of a major highway, but tucked away enough to feel that you are away from urban living. Although they were updating their home, I still did not feel as if I were at a construction site. The overall atmosphere/space is very light, warm, and inviting.”

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Natural Awakenings article, September 2019

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Natural Awakenings article, 


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