Responding to a strong desire to be part of a healing field, I became an RN, working primarily in the emergency department.  Through compassion and respect, I found that I could connect with patients in a deeply intuitive way.  When health problems arose in my life, I was compelled to understand more about how the body heals and why it sometimes doesn’t.  


Discovering Dolores Cannon prompted me to book a session with a QHHT practitioner to address my health problems.  That’s when I experienced the miracles that were available to me.  Once my health improved, reading Julia Cannon’s book, Soul Speak - the Language of the Body, was the final catalyst that prompted me to study this method so that I can help people in this remarkable way.  


Just as in my nursing practice, I am committed to serving with respect to confidentiality and consider that a sacred trust.  


You are invited to partner with me - “I am passionate about giving people the trusted space to discover their infinite capacity to heal - whether it be the physical body, the emotional body or the thinking mind - with their own vast field of intelligence and divine energy.”  

- Elizabeth