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quantum healing hypnosis technique


during a qhht session, you are guided to a focused, inner awareness

 where vast intellect and wisdom is stored

This occurs very naturally, when the external environment is quieted and the mind can relax - combined with time, trust and respect.  


Available within this space is self-healing, problem solving and answers to any question you may have about anything. 


We hold an infinite reservoir of information within our physical body, our past life experiences and the spiritual aspect of our being.

This process strengthens your ability to access this on your own,

in your own unique way.

 You are your greatest teacher.  


This remarkable and unique hypnosis method was pioneered by Dolores Cannon, a master regression hypnotist, author and educator.



Awaken to the magnitude of who you are

    Quantum - the field of energy beyond the five senses 

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