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Mindbody Radio Interview, December 2019
October 2019

My QHHT session with Elizabeth was amazing beyond words. Elizabeth, herself, is such a beautiful, gentle and kind soul. I had no trouble relaxing deeply in her lovely, healing space. I went into the session with no expectations and was incredibly moved by all of the cathartic information that came through the session. I feel I healed more little bits from my past with just this one session than the times I've participated in any other type of therapies combined! Some information came through that I wasn't even aware of on a conscious level and I think that is where the true healing lies. I left feeling incredibly peaceful and with answers to questions I didn't even know I had questions about! Even now, months later, I still carry that feeling of deep peace and I am moving forward in my life in a way I've never felt able to in the past. I am so grateful for this profoundly healing work! I thank you Elizabeth! - L.K.

December 2019

Elizabeth is an experienced and highly skilled hypnotherapist who provides a supreme level of care and service. Elizabeth creates an environment where clients feel absolutely safe and protected. When I had my session with Elizabeth, I was super relaxed and fully enjoyed the process. Elizabeth was excellent at representing my interests when we were traveling into my subconscious and the results of the session were amazing! Elizabeth is a great practitioner whom I highly recommend to everybody!   N.G.

January 2020

 I was flipping through the back pages of Natural Awakenings magazine when I discovered Elizabeth Peters and QHHT  - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. No going back.

I've had hypnosis sessions before, but this was beyond anything I've ever experienced.  QHHT was life changing. And Elizabeth Peters was the perfect person for my introduction to this event. 

And it is an event.

When I found Elizabeth in Natural Awakenings, her write up had me intrigued. I emailed her, and made an appointment. Elizabeth is one of the most kind, compassionate people I've met. She is a true earth angel. 

I arrived for my appointment and felt at home. Elizabeth and I talked for a bit before the session began and she let me know what she would be doing. She settled me in to the comfortable chaise lounge and we began. She recorded our session so I would have a copy for future listening. So thankful.

I had no expectations. Good thing. What I experienced I could not have imagined. I had a soul integration. I didn't even know what that was. I met my past and future selves. There is so much more to that which I don't know how to articulate, only that I was introduced to parts of myself that I didn't know existed, but changed my life. 

There is so, so much more to our session, but this integration was one of the most incredible, mind opening things I've ever been through. Elizabeth's gentle voice was there, guiding me and walking me through my journey. I'm so thankful for finding Elizabeth's ad. And so very thankful for Elizabeth. 

This is a mish mosh. I'm not the most articulate person. And even if I were, words don't give justice. Until you experience QHHT, I can only provide encouragement to do it for yourself. There is no mistake that Elizabeth Peters has found this path. I couldn't imagine having this experience with anyone else. Thank you, Elizabeth.   G.S. 

January 2020

Elizabeth took her time with me to make sure that I received the most out of my session and made sure I was very comfortable and relaxed throughout. Her empathy towards me and my session is something that cannot be taught. Elizabeth really made sure that she understood what I needed throughout my entire session. While I remembered most of my experience both before and under hypnosis, having the recording to listen to again was invaluable. My results were almost instant in some ways, bringing clarity and shining light in areas of my life that I have either ignored or just didn't make sense to me before my session. Four months later I still think about and am able to use my session with Elizabeth on my healing journey and in everyday life situations. If I had to summarize my experience I would say that my QHHT session put me in touch with my authentic and best self, allowing me to build a healthy, loving relationship with myself, in turn improving my relationships with others, both personally and professionally. I am also a healer and since my session I have felt a higher level of healing others and a quicker connection to my higher self.

Elizabeth's practice is out of her lovely home that is right off of a major highway, but tucked away enough to feel that you are away from urban living. Although they were updating their home, I still did not feel as if I were at a construction site. The overall atmosphere/space is very light, warm, and inviting.    K.T.

November 2019

After 3 weeks, I'm still feeling better - emotionally, mentally, psychically - able to come to terms with some things; understand a bit more. It was definitely worth doing - I'm glad I experienced this.  I feel lighter and brighter and I feel those other goals will come in time.   L.C.

August 2019

My very dear Betsy,

I looked at your website. It is great. I especially liked the stones stacked against the rising sun. Very symbolic of the inner healing process. Very best wishes with your healing practice. It speaks to the basic techniques of the Buddha and much later the evolution of Buddhism which predates Christianity by 500 years. You have a great new approach to a very old and valuable skill. The opportunity for individual healing is enhanced by your farm environment.

With great love, Dad.

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