“If I had to summarize my experience I would say that my QHHT session put me in touch with my authentic and best self, allowing me to build a healthy, loving relationship with myself, in turn improving my relationships with others, both personally and professionally.”

“I've had hypnosis sessions before, but this was beyond anything I've ever experienced.  QHHT was life changing. 

Elizabeth's gentle voice was there, guiding me and walking me through my journey. I'm so thankful for finding Elizabeth.”

“My QHHT session with Elizabeth was amazing beyond words. Elizabeth, herself, is such a beautiful, gentle and kind soul. I had no trouble relaxing deeply in her lovely, healing space. I went into the session with no expectations and was incredibly moved by all of the cathartic information that came through the session.” 

“Elizabeth creates an environment where clients feel absolutely safe and protected. When I had my session with Elizabeth, I was super relaxed and fully enjoyed the process.”

“Even now, months later, I still carry that feeling of deep peace and I am moving forward in my life in a way I've never felt able to in the past. I am so grateful for this profoundly healing work! I thank you Elizabeth!”

"Elizabeth's practice is out of her lovely home that is right off of a major highway, but tucked away enough to feel that you are away from urban living. Although they were updating their home, I still did not feel as if I were at a construction site. The overall atmosphere/space is very light, warm, and inviting.”


Natural Awakenings article, September 2019

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Natural Awakenings article,